How it all began.

My obsession with everything automotive started when I was 5 years old, in the most strangest of places, a trolleybus. This was the main mode of transportation for the people of my birth city, a small town of Western Ukraine, but for me it was a world of fascination. Moving parts working in unison to create, what I thought at the time was pure magic. I would watch the operator closely as they would control the giant sized wheel. To me they had the best job in the world. Taking the trolleybus was the best part of my day, and watching the giant connecting rods bend, twist, and reluctantly move with the bus when it made turns and crawled about town was magnificent. As I grew my fascination only got stronger. My friends would always hate the fact that I could name every car coming down the road, even at night. To this day, I am as much of a nerd. I drool over a super car sighting, and my girlfriend absolutely loves when I ask her to to be completely silent when I lower the window to hear that same super car as we drive by it. I can’t imagine living life any other way.


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