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I’m here to talk about equality, not the kind that everyone is excited about recently, but rather, automotive equality.  There are no legal restrictions on the type of vehicle you are allowed to purchase. There are, however restrictions of the other kind, that keep some drivers from truly enjoying the car they really long after.


Recently I was faced with the most enjoyable task for any car enthusiast, buying a new car. Research, lots of comparison sites, van diagrams, and oranges and apples later I’ve come no closer to figuring out are replacement for the G37x, thrill of the hunt I guess. Looking back at my hunt, I noticed something a bit upsetting. I was giving some cars no chance, based solely on their driver stereotype. Its wrong yes, but I believe everyone is guilty of this. For example a minivan is the logical choice for an average family, they cost less than their SUV and CUV competitors, they are more efficient, cheaper to insure, and in most cases safer. So why chose anything else?  Because it’s a “mom mobile” used only for (insert sport) practice shuttling, and dry clean getting.

Ford-Mustang_EcoBoost_2015_800x600_wallpaper_23 (1)

Same can be said about most modern muscle cars. Some, like Jeremy Clarkson claim that only murderers drive them, others say it’s a mid-life crisis mobile. I’m here to tell you both of those accusations are crap. I would like to apologize for going against JC, but the new Mustang with the EcoBoost 2.7 is fast, relatively efficient and looks remarkable, ditto C7 Corvette. There are stereotypes that are associated with every vehicle out there. Especially cars that have been modified in any way.  I often get into it with a buddy of mine who’s a lunatic when it comes to Subaru, particularly the WRX. I tell him his exhaust is too big and the spoiler too high and I know he gets its from his girlfriend and parents to. I want to say to him, I’m sorry and to pay me no mind at all. Everyone who is considering buying a particular car or modifying your existing one, feel free to do as your heart chooses. The only time your car choice is wrong, is when it’s made by someone else. A car is made to be adored, and who can tell you what you can and can’t adore?  I might not agree with every mod, or the stanced wheels, but I admire your individualism. So chose the car that feels right to you, modify it the way you please, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!