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I must apologize for the absence, the past month or so has been pretty intense with root canals, and work projects I haven’t had much time to devote here. I’m glad to be back and especially on a day like today, sunny, warm, spring day. Without wasting anymore time lets jump into My Car Monday. This car was the very first car I owned that was brand new, like 3 miles on the Odo new. It is then a special vehicle to me, but special isn’t necessarily great. Or is it?

Used, was always the way for me, it made very little sense to pay the inflated price of a new vehicle only to have it drop four grand as soon as you take delivery. However, one February afternoon I stumbled onto the G. I was looking at new Maximas online as I often do when my work productivity seizes to exist. Then I spotted an ad from Infiniti allowing people to lease their G for something around $400/month. Leasing was never out of the picture, and the argument of lease vs own is a lengthy one and will be reserved for another time. A few emails later, and without ever seeing the car I was the proud owner (lessee) of a black on black, fully loaded, G37X Sedan. To say that I was excited would be lying, I was stoked. Right in front of my eyes was a brand new, untarnished, shiny car that I would get to call my own. Mind you this is the very car that was compared to by many automotive publications to the 3 series BMW, and won several times. This was the car that unlike the monstrosity that they call the 2016 Nissan Maxima is a true 4 door sports car, and now it was mine.

2013 Infinity G37X


The initial drive home included lots of winding back roads and I experienced the grip and handling that makes this car great. I’ve never owned an all wheel drive car and to experience it during spirited cornering is something wonderful. You feel the car being sucked into the apex and then pushed out. It knows the best and fastest line out of each corner and it helps you guide itself in and out. The feedback from the conventional steering set up is exceptional, you can tell exactly what the wheels are doing, and inputs are precise and immediate. The balanced chassis and 370Z platform are solid and keep the car plated firmly on the tarmac. Overall this car handles more like a go kart then a luxury family sedan. During these handling “test” the VQ, 3.7, 330hp, V6 mill makes certain that the sedan remains in motion and it does so with some loud mouth backtalk. My favorite thing about this car is this engine. The immediate response it delivers is addicting but the sounds it makes are ever more so. Compared to the cars in its class, it’s an old school tough guy. While the Germans are pumping artificial noise into their cabins, and exhaust note and Lexus are never to be mentioned in the same breath unless the LF-A is involved, this VQ V6 snarls, growls and barks at every opportunity. Kudos to Infiniti for allowing this engine to speak its mind, since it does this extremely well.


Having the G in my possession for over a year now I can say there some things that could be improved. We’ll start with the 7 speed auto slushbox. During normal, everyday commuting it works reasonably well, however during stop and go traffic when you need to accelerate quickly to switch into the open spot in the other lane there is some hesitation. A second or two is spent searching for the appropriate gear before forward moment happens, and when it does its time to slow down again. Leaving the gearbox in Sport minimizes the lag considerably but that also holds the revs longer, doing this in daily driving will burn more gas, and since were on the subject. The fuel economy of this vehicle is atrocious. I average 20MPG, and yes I do have a heavy foot but those are Chevy Tahoe numbers, and of course premium gas is recommended.



The interior is plush and luxurious, however it is starting the show its age, this fourth gen G has been around since 2006 and areas like the plastic on top of the dash is a telling sign. My favorite part of the interior is the analog clock in the center of the dash; it’s a classic touch that isn’t offered on the Q50. Also, the infotainment system is instinctive and easy to use. My least favorite is the size of the B pillar, and I’ll tell you why. When your might height (6’5) you need to move the seat back all the way, in doing so the seat back lines up directly in front of the inappropriately thick B pillar, meaning the torso of your body is shifted a few inches to the right, this can be extremely irritating on long rides. Speaking of long rides, this suspension isn’t for them, maybe I’m getting old but I feel most of the bumps along the road, and it gets old quickly.



With all that being said I’d like to leave you with this. The G37X is an excellent car. It has never gotten me stuck in snow, it deliver exceptional performance, for a price much lower than the German competition. The small squabbles that I mentioned above are just that, and one on ramp blast makes you forget about all of them, not to mention most of these issues are addressed in the newer model. Infiniti is doing a great job of offering an exceptional alternative to the German trio with the G/Q models, and I’m thankful to be along for the ride.