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People always claim they can’t recall exactly when their love of cars originated, often time throwing around phrases like “as long as I can remember” to that I say, if it’s meaningful you’ll remember. The car that sparked my interest was a MK2 Golf, the styling was unique, the interior was spectacular i.e. plaid seats, the thing made a wonderful noise every time it came and went. I loved everything about that car, and knew that moment, back in 92 that cars are wonderful creations. Several years later and after moving to the great USA, I discovered my other automotive related passion. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on the screen, a Vauxhall Monaro VX-R (GTO), Chrysler 300C, and a Jaguar S-Type R all drifting on a beach, in perfect unison. I’ve never before seen such thing, outside of cell phone quality YouTube clips, but this was so much more. The quality was phenomenal, it could pass for a James Bond commercial, the music was even better, and the commentating came from a man with a unique accent. I was locked in to the screen, and watched all the episodes I could find that day. I couldn’t get enough, I’d anxiously wait for new episodes to come out, I read books, magazines and was never disappointed of the quality of work that was presented.

As you may know already and if you didn’t know I’m sorry for breaking the news, but Top Gear is no longer. The reason behind this is almost irrelevant; it doesn’t really matter why this happened at all, what matters is that it happened. The three chaps from across the pond will no longer entertain us on Sunday/Monday nights, and it’s a bit heartbreaking to be honest. While there might be another show with Hammond, May and Clarkson, I can assure you it won’t be as good as the original, nothing ever is. I applaud and show my gratitude to the show that allowed my love for all things automotive to cultivate, it will be surely missed. Richard Hammond summarizes this perfectly “Gutted at such a sad end to an era. We’re all three of us idiots in our different ways, but it’s been an incredible ride together” On that bombshell it is time to end.