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This is a special day for more than one reason. It is Truck Tuesday and the truck I have lined up is the best selling truck, ever. Also, this would be my first official review, since I was able to get my paws on the actual vehicle that we will be talking about today. I’m going to try this on a weekly basis, but enough about me. Let’s introduce the truck in question. How was you January? Because Ford sold 54,370 F-150s in January alone, that’s more than all the minivan and SUV sales combined. This is a very serious truck for Ford and they have made it clear just how serious in the 2015 model.

2015 F-150 4×4 Supercab Ecoboost XLT

2015-03-03 12.25.00

The F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for the past 32 years, and the best-selling pick-up for 43 years, and the best selling vehicle in Canada ever. Needless to say Ford knows a thing or two about trucks, and like Dennis Leary likes to remind us in the commercials, look over the fence at any job site and tell me what you see. The answer will always be Ford. Others have tried and many on multiple occasions have come very close, but I has never happen Ford has never been dethroned and never will, and I’ll tell you why, in a bit. Meanwhile, let’s take a closer look at this veteran and see if there is any fight left.


2015-03-03 12.27.32

Unlike Chevy who went with a more grown up look, or Dodge who has the dated tough guy look, Ford went back to the Tonka Truck. The face has a meaner and stronger look, yet its instantly recognizable F-150. Overall the appearance and stance of the truck is a bit more purposeful, it looks ready to go, and ready to work. I shared my pictures with a friend who swore this was an F-250, meaning the toughness of the truck is apparent. Ford deserves kudos for making the F-150 look like an actual truck, not like a convertible Suburban. Work well done here.


2015-03-03 12.29.37

Ford sent its truck to the gym, and then weight watchers, the 2015 2.7 Ecoboost model weighs just 4,900 lbs. To put that into perspective the 2014 V8 model is 732 pounds heavier. The reason for the drastic weight loss isn’t Hydroxycut, it’s the use of aluminum. Ford has been messing around with the steel alterative since 1993, it made secret Mercury Sables with aluminum frames, and they help up exceptionally well. With the F-150 however there was no messing around, because this truck is the one of the highest selling vehicles ever. So Ford had to make sure nothing was overlooked. The 2015 F-150 is constructed mainly of aluminum; the use of steel is still very much present, in such places as the door beams and frame reinforcements. This is a big step for the auto giant, but judging by the recent sale figures, the Ford faithful seem open to change. Speaking of change, the F-150 will be offered with a 2.7 V6 EcoBoost rated at 325HP, as opposed to a big block V8. The one we have today is the 3.5L EcoBoost with 420lbs/tq and 365HP. The response from the engine is exceptional, it feels just as strong as any V8 pick up I’ve driven, there is a slight and I mean extremely slight hint of lag in the middle of the power band but it’s very hard to notice. I had the truck at 90mph before I realized wed already gotten to those types of speeds. The 6 speed auto is a gem and is pre tuned for towing capabilities as well, shifts were apparent, yet smooth and precise. In 6th gear, at 70mph the truck was holding just above 2k RPM. The really cool part is that you can tell what gear the transmission is in even if you’re in full auto mode. The new components all come together quite well, the engine is a compelling argument to the traditional V8, power and economy wise. The V8 5.0 that Ford offers in the F-150 has 20 more HP than this boosted V6 but a 33lbs/tq deficit. So I see no reason why anyone would chose the V8, and that’s progress in its self for Ford, and the whole pick up truck class in general.



2015-03-03 12.00.27

The interior of the F-150 is a good place to be. The moment you climb aboard you are greeted with upscale materials. The model I drove had cloth seats, so it was far away from being fully loaded, it made no difference however. The dash, cluster, and console touch and feel were luxurious, defiantly Lincoln quality, and far better than the previous model. The Microsoft Sync touch screen dominates the dash and provides audio/phone/NAV controls. Huge praise to Ford for leaving HVAC and volume controls the button veriaty. Not only is it safer to adjust on the move, they respond much better when wearing gloves, which people who work with this truck do a lot of. Also, a big plus of the interior is a 3 prong outlet on the dash that would make charging power tool batteries much easier. The highlight of the interior is without a doubt the gauge cluster. The blue lighting is a bit techno for my taste but the functionality, layout, and the amount of info you get is pure tech genius. It will even tell you the truck balance level for towing/loading and off roading, to easily gage angles of approach and departure.  The center screen also has the rear camera display and laser guided 360 view. Again, this F-150 had very few options, but they were more than enough,= to be able to fully use this truck for work and play.

2015-03-03 11.58.34


2015-03-03 12.27.03

The bed now has LED lighting, which makes working under poor light easier. Also, the seat warmers work so quickly and affectively I had to turn my off because I was beginning to smell BBQ. The feel of the frame under acceleration or during a sharp turn is exceptional, it feels more like a RWD sedan than a truck. The one thing, I still think is a bit ridiculous is the man step. Now I am a big guy, so I can easily climb in and out of the bed of a truck so maybe that’s why I am biased against it, but I just find it more amusing than practical. The remote start and gate release however are exactly the opposite and are must haves.

2015-03-03 12.26.06

The Ford F Series can be credited as the original pick up truck. The formula that allowed farmers to use a vehicle all week and then drive to church on Sunday has been endorsed by them for many years. With the latest F-150 model it’s more evident than ever that Ford is standing by this very formula. However, now it is doing so with a revolutionary aluminum frame and a twin turbo V6. Putting all these elements together make certain that the worlds best selling truck remains exactly that.

Big Thanks to Berry Jones at Apple Ford in Columbia for allowing me to waste his time. If anyone is in the market for a new vehicle in the DMV area make sure you see him!