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Recently I had to say goodbye to an old friend. It’s never easy doing this, especially when it’s someone you love and cherish. That got me thinking, people love and cherish many things and sometimes even saying bye to a cell phone or even a couch is hard. Well, in that case that goes double for cars. The reason being of course is that cars tend to be with us for much longer. Most cars for example outlive the average house pet. We spend so much time in our cars, and crate many memories. So its only right that I’ll tell you how I recently, after being together for 4 years, said goodbye to a loyal friend.

2001 Nissan Maxima SE


It all started in 2011, at that time I was driving ironically enough a 98 Maxima SE. So when my cousin asked my advice on what car he should get I quickly recommended Nissan. A month or so and $2,500 later he was the proud owner of a standard Maxima 5 speed. After, taking care of all the issues the car had prior to him, like the clutch, exhaust, breaks, he sold it to me, because he needed money for his wedding. And the rest as they say is history.


Five days ago and four years later, I sold the car for $2,500, but there is also quite a lot that happened in between. This was the longest I’ve ever owned a car. The reason why this one stuck around was its resilience. The Max never let me down, not once. There was never a moment in its tenure that I thought it wasn’t going to start, or break down while on the road, it was just that solid. The VQ V6 is a gem of an engine, I changed its oil and it never asked for anything else, same goes for the entire car really. Through all my different “improvements” it soldiered on unfazed. I had 18-inch wheels on it, 15-inch stellies, and 16-inch alloys, I replaced the lights and the trunk lid, I fitted it with massive speaker, and it always worked. There were of course a few, lets say incidences that occurred as well, like taking a turn entirely to fast and taking out both wheels, or spotting a buck a few feet away while going 90mph, but again nothing ever broke or quit.


The ownership experience had been extremely pleasant. I loved how the car looked, although I like the previous gen a bit more, the driving and performance of the car was more than decent. The 3.0 V6 made around 200hp and the 5 speed was geared more for performance than fuel economy, so I was easily able to maintain pace with riced out civics.

Maxima 1

Also, the interior of the car was exceptional, just like Will Smith it didn’t age one bit. The seats were supportive and comfortable the greenhouse was big and visibility was never an issue. For my size (6’5) the car was perfectly accommodating, no complaints here whatsoever. If I did have to find something to cry about it would be the power window motors started working in slow motion and I sometimes would have to help them come up, and the was a little power steering leak that was fixed with a can of Lucas stop leak. The Maxima was easy to drive, cheap to insure and extremely cost efficient.


That brings me back to the beginning, and the whole parting ways thing. It doesn’t matter what you’re saying goodbye to, if you loved that thing it’s never easy to let go. So, instead of ending this  My Car Monday in sadness, I’d rather look at it this way. The cars we love and cherish seem to always return the favor, they seem to always handle better, be extremely dependable and fun to own. With that being said, respect your ride and it will respect you back, in its unquestionable dependability and loyalty. I know mine did.