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Go big or go home. It’s something you overhear a coach yelling at his players, or something Billy Bob says right before he tires to jump a lawn mower over his El Camino. In any case, the saying holds value. I look at it as this. Do absolutely what ever you can, to the utmost highest level of your abilities. Leave nothing on the table, be supreme. Now, the way that you chose to display that absoluteness is of course up to you. Fortunately, the automobile we will be admiring today did so in unprecedented manner, no one else has even come close, there is no competition, and frankly I’m mad at myself that I haven’t talked about this car sooner, because without a shadow of a doubt this is the greatest car in the world.

The Bugatti Veyron


There is a lot to talk about here, so I’ll keep the history lesson short. Bugatti, a French man built and sold great racing cars, he died and the company was sold to a Spaniard, who made great luxurious cars with massive engines, then an Italian man bought it and made the EB110, and then, Volkswagen in 98, and that’s who is in charge today. Now that’s done with, let’s take a look at the actual car itself and all of it glory.

The Engine


A good place to start as any, the heart of this car is revolutionary in its own respect. The 16 cylinder engine isn’t something new, in fact the first V16 was built in 1927, however the w16 is. VW mated two W8 engines together which are two VR4 engines mated together, it all sound complicated but it isn’t, it’s massively complicated. For example the valves on top of each cylinder open and close during specific times no in unison like normal engines to help aid performance, and there are four on each cylinder. The specifically designed 4 stage oil pump had to be gravity tested because of the brutal centrifugal force it faces during hard acceleration, only than it can produce adequate lubrication to the entire engine, even on the moon. And if the engine isn’t self with its W16 design isn’t mad enough, they added 4 turbos, reason why is to reduce lag, which no turbo can be cured of. The four blowers used here are best friends. Each one knows when the other is about to get tired and picks up the slack, so they never rest at the same time, meaning no lag at all. As you can imagine all of this mechanical gadgetry produces a lot of heat and you’d be right, but worry not. There are 10 radiators on board to handle and disperse the higher temperatures. One for the engine oil, transmission oil, differential oil, and even one of the hydraulic oil used to operate the massive spoiler. To handle the amount of power that this magical engine produces which in the newest and latest model is 1,200hp, the car is equipped with all wheel drive. So, you can actually use the power of the Veyron relatively safely.

The Marvel


JC sums it up best “It was a car that just rewrote the rule book really, an amazing piece of engineering, a genuine Concorde moment” Only a handful of cars rarely ever make history, not just automotive history. Walk up to a random person on the street and ask them what the fastest car in the world is, I assure you that Veyron is going to be the answer 90% of the time. That’s were this car runs away from the rest. The rest being Hennessey Venom and a few other that claim they’ve trumped the Bugatti in top speed. These claims have been coming forth since the day the Veyron was introduced, and its only right, because the Veyron is the measuring stick, the standard. From now on any car produced to go really fast will be compared against the Veyron, will there be faster cars? No question. There might be faster cars out now, but that makes little difference. The Veyron brings you that speed on a silver platter and serves it with a fine glass of wine. It’s with extreme comfort and luxury. When May tested it on TG, he looked like he was lounging in his living room while going 250mph+, completely worry free. Unlike the others that need ear protection, a fireproof suit, and a 4 day training course the Veyron just needs an open road. And it can be done repeatedly, on a day-to-day basis. During production they took a few Veyrons across Africa and clocked close to 70k miles before any serious maintenance had to be done. No one else can do that, no one can claim that. There is simply no equal.


La Finale


VW lost about 4 million dollars on every Bugatti Veyron they sold. Yet, they made 450 of them and sold everyone single one. Money, seems like wasn’t the priority here, VW wanted to show the world what’s possible if you go big. The Veyron is a masterpiece of mind-blowing figures, and defined engineering; it will forever be one of a kind. With car manufactures now restricted by fuel regulations the engines are getting smaller everyday, its unlikely that we will ever see a car such as this ever again. Especially since the 450th final car was sold four days ago, and was labeled La Finale. The Bugatti Veyron, after a decade will be no longer produced. However, its legacy will always live on. It is and will always be the ultimate dream car. My Dream Car