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All this nasty winter weather has got me thinking of much better days. When its about 76F degrees, the sun is starting to set and the top in your favorite convertible is down, the music is up and the road is open. It’s an amazing feeling this, I’ve driven a convertible before and can attest.


However, the one I drove is undoubtedly one of the worst droptops ever made, a 96 Chrysler Sebring JX, I can go on for days listing faults that this car posses but I’d rather not. I do, however, want to talk about something else. The whole time I spent behind the driver seat with the top down, I was a bit uneasy. Allow me to explain. When you seen a super hero in a movie, like say Jason Statham driving a car, it’s never a drop mid size convertible, is it? Yes, he has been seen in the Murcielago spider, and in the Continental GT but those aren’t exactly mid size convertibles, and he had J Lo with him in the Bentley. What I’m trying to say is that, its really difficult to look manly in a drop top convertible. Other than super/hyper cars, a convertible is something that should be left exclusively for the ladies. There is no way you can keep your mancard in a Lexus SC430 or V6 Mustang, it just looks a bit odd.


Now, I’m all for motoring equality so feel free to drive what you like, I’m just sharing my very unimportant opinion.