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How cold have you ever seen it get? Today, I got in my poor car, and it’s poor because I pity it greatly today. Why? It was FIVE DEGREES FAHRENHEIT this morning, that’s -15c. Now, for places like Siberia and Alberta that maybe expectable but not for Washington DC, it supposed to be spring-like already instead were expected to get about 7-9 inches of snow tonight. So, with all this ungodly weather upon us, I got to thinking about my bad weather cars, you know the ones that send power to more than two wheels at a time. Unfortunately I didn’t have to think for very long, I’ve only had one car with any type of AWD or 4×4 systems. Fortunately enough my beautiful girlfriend has an AWD drive car that we’ve put a decent amount of miles on together. So I decided to devote this My Car Monday to the little guy that could, the mighty mouse of the automotive kingdom, the original Compact Recreational Vehicle

2012 Honda CR-V


For a couple with two small dogs and a bike that gets very little to no use, the CR-V could not be anymore perfect. The ’12 is the biggest of all the previous models, I won’t bore you with the specific dimensions, but I’m 6’5 and I fit in the front and in the back perfectly fine, my only complaint would be that the driver’s seat doesn’t move back far enough, but again most drivers aren’t my height. Other than that, the interior layout is simple, clean and functional. This particular EX came with everything but the NAV, so there are a few more buttons in here than others,  because no touch screen, nonetheless everything is in reach and easy to get to. The cluster is my favorite part of the interior, the layout is elegant, it feels like it would be right at home in a much more expensive car, you can tell Honda spent a lot of time and effort on this part and it shows. The center floor space between the front seats, has a carnivorous closing bin that can hold many things and keep them from sliding under your pedals, the seats fold down, the gas mileage is outstanding, its a nice car, no doubt about it. However, where it really began to win its way into my heart was when we were 370 miles from home.


Around this time last year Nat and I, set out north. She had to be in New London CT for a work function, and she didn’t want to fly, and I wasn’t going to let her go alone, because I love road trips. So we set off, in the morning and arrived drama free that afternoon, it took as five and a half hours maybe, we made good time. When time came the next day to return home, the outlook was a bit poorer. Throughout the day, it snowed, the New England area got about 12-14 inches of snow that day, when evening came and we decided to head back home there was about 10 inches of snow on the roads, the plows were doing their best to clear it but the powder kept coming. Still we decided to go, so I brimmed the tank, checked the tires, the lights and we set off.


The CR-V was a little tank in the snow. The tires on the car were all season, nothing extreme, or special, but you’d never know it. I kept plowing right through the white stuff with no fuss. Now, ironically enough getting through the northern sates was a breeze, they know how to deal with that much snow I suppose, because when we got to the New Jersey turnpike, the most taxed road in America there was clear evidence they had no idea how to deal with that much snow. On this 90 mile, or so stretch we encountered one slow plow, that’s it, but we had no need for one, the CR-V had it handled. Equipped with the 2.4-liter i-VTEC which is found all throughout the Honda and Acura lineup our Honda kept pressing on. The engine isn’t a power house it only makes around 190hp, nor is this car equipped with heavy duty 4×4 system or locking differentials, there isn’t even that much ground clearance, but that make no difference, because the magic behind this little Honda is how it all comes together. It’s a perfect harmony, of all things mechanical working together to, find traction and maintain it, to keep the passengers safe and out of harms way, and it did just that. The accumulated snow was no issue, with minor, periodic corrections to the wheel, I was able to maintain about a 50mph average, and get us home safe and sound. The car did what was asked of it and it did exceptionally well. There are some buffoons out there who know how to use YouTube and nothing else will show you how the CR-V isn’t able to climb a hill of ice, or how it wont forge a river, please ignore such folks and remember this. In the real world, where us normal people live everyday and encounter real life situations the CR-V performs exceptionally well. It’s more than enough of an AWD vehicle that 93% of U.S. drivers will ever need, and for that I love and respect it.


This year the Honda CR-V will be truing 20, and it’s aged really well. The 2015 face-lifted model is better than ever, offering style comfort and safety in a great package. So to everyone out there battling this nasty winter with single digit temperatures, you can find comfort and warmth in knowing that if you need a reliable and efficient AWD vehicle to tackle the elements Honda has you covered.