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Today we will be talking lots of bull, so if that’s your sort of thing you’re in luck. But I’m not referring to BS, that’s something you do when you get pulled over for speeding, I’m talking about the massive animal itself. A bull has a perceived notion as being brawny, immense, vicious and brutal, not exactly something you would want to call a house pet. The one I want to focus on particularly is the meanest of them all, a Spanish fighting bull. These bulls are raised and bread to cause havoc and give matador’s hell. A long time ago Rafael Molina Sánchez a renowned Spanish matador was engaged in a fight to the death with one of these beasts. What began to unfold stunned him and everyone else in attendance. Well into the battle this bull showed no signs of slowing, the 500lbs animal had no intention of being subdued and taken out quietly. Even after suffering 24 sword strokes the bull he kept on battling. In observance of the animals tremendous will and courage the matador, in an extremely rare fashion chose to spare its life. The bull became one of the most famous and talked about animals in the world. It’s name? Murciélago


When Lamborghini was designing their big-bruiser flag-ship sport car they needed to name it something that would show the consumers just how extraordinary this car is and it’s clear to see why they chose Murciélago. The history behind it conveys characteristics that set it far apart from the rest, and that is exactly what Lamborghini was looking for. To separate it’s self from the rest of the herd and claim the top spot in this legendary category. With the Murciélago that’s exactly what they accomplished and even though the entire model line is special the one I want to talk about today is even better than the best; it’s the cream of the crop, top shelf, the LP 670-4 Super Veloce.


The SV moniker is only used in extremely special occasions and only on extremely special cars, and the latest Super Veloce that Lamborghini offers is special indeed.Before we get into the numbers lets break down the name. LP tells you that the engine layout is longitude not latitude or Longitudinale Posteriore which sounds so much better in Italian, 670 is the horsepower, 4 is the number of wheels that receive power and Veloce means fast/quick. In short what Lamborghini has done is named a car after an epic beast, gave it a great long engine, producing 670 horsepower, and four-wheel-drive and made it super quick. The end result is nothing short of extraordinary.

The car pushes the envelope to the extreme in every category imaginable. The “standard” V-12 mill was massaged to make the additional 30 horsepower over the base car. The weight of this car is reduced by 220lbs with the help of carbon fiber throughout, the breaks are  bigger, the tires and wheels are bigger the suspension and steering specifically tuned to make every input precise, especially at high speeds which, as you can imagine this car has no problems reaching. Just how fast is it exactly? It defiantly lives up the SV name, 0-60 2.8 seconds, 0-120 7.4 seconds and a top speed of 211 mph leaving almost everything, including its Ferrari competitor in dust. However, as usual, the numbers only tell half the story. The appearance of the car, the sound it makes under hard acceleration, and the exclusivity (186 produced models) of it all is what makes it that much more magnificent. This is regarded by many as the last real Lamborghini because of the unrefined characteristics, which have been somewhat subdued in the newer models, in order to appeal to a greater audience base. And even though the outgoing model is quicker, I think this one is by far better, because it captures the essence of Lamborghini perfectly. Like the beast that it shares its name with, this car has raw passion and emotion in its veins, and that’s something that can’t be measured with a stop watch or a graph. For those reason I declare it My Dream Car of the day.