Being a self-proclaimed auto enthusiast means I love everything about cars, most particularly driving them. My daily commute consists of driving a round 50 miles round-trip, now most of these miles are spent on 495 aka The Capital Beltway aka The Circle of Doom, Okay the last one is made up, but it would certainly be a great description. Because that’s where my biggest pet peeve occurs on a daily basis.

The left lane on a multi-lane road is meant and designed for passing. In other words if you want to drive the speed limit or slower do so in the right lane(s), please! In doing so you will help  improve traffic flow, reduces congestion, prevent accidents, and minimize road rage.  For those who might say I’m a crazy anarchist and lunatic and should slow down and follow the law, I’ll say this. In all 50 states there is some form of law requiring a driver in the left furthest lane to move over when approached by a faster moving vehicle. Also, no trucks or trailers are ever allowed in the left lane. So educated your self and get out of the left lane!

I would love to hear what some of your pet peeves are when driving! Let me know what you see almost everyday that pisses you off that’s related to driving 🙂 Sorry for the awful commentary in the video, but it fits to well into this subject to not share.