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It’s Friday! If you weren’t excited already, here is why you should be.

1.It’s the end of the week.

2. We are that much closer to spring and warmer days and no more 17 degree mornings.

3. It My Dream Car day.

If those three things do not make you at least a bit more excited than you should seriously start looking for your pulse. Speaking of heart rates the car I chose today will make yours astronomically high, but it will do so in a sophisticated manner. Sort of like going to a cocktail party at a 5 start restaurant only to have a UFC fight break out in the middle of the floor kind-of-way. So without wasting any more time, allow me to introduce the car.

2008 Audi RS6 Avant

Merriam Webster defines “avant” as a culturally or stylistically advanced, maybe that’s why Audi decide to use that nomenclature, because it’s certainly true of the RS6. With that being said no one rally knows what Avant means in this particular situation or why Audi used it, the RS  means Racing Sport and the 6 is for the car model, the rest is a mystery. I think the reason why the Germans did it was to stop people from calling it what it actually is; a wagon. You see, wagons, especially in America have had a negative connotation for a very long time, and its all thanks to the massive wagons of the 60’s and 70’s. Think, Eric’s Vista Cruiser in That 70’s show, and what it represents. Yea it’s spacious, but that’s the only benefit, it’s slow, heavy, thirsty, and has the driving dynamics of a blue whale.  Luckily the wagon that we will be talking about today is only remotely related in shape to that bulky Oldsmobile, and it will restore your lost faith in the five door wagon culture.


That’s because this particular wagon is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen it’s absolutely mental. Audi fitted it with a massive 5 liter Lamborghini derived V10 power plant. If a 10 cylinder Lambo engine in a wagon is simply not going cut it, no need to worry, because these lunatics also strapped it with not one, but TWO turbos, the end result is as crazy as you would expect, 580HP, 0-60 in 4.7, and if you take the limiter off 180mph top speed. To put things into perspective, let me throw some comparisons at you. This wagon, in 2008 was more powerful than any Porsche on the market, other than the 599; same can be said about Ferrari, and BMW and Mercedes, just a few other super-cars had the edge. This thing was king of the hill, it was unstoppable and unmatched.


The great thing about all that power and lunacy is what it’s wrapped in. Audi offered the RS6 in a sedan, but I prefer the wagon, and the reason is actually quite simple, it’s the stealthiest car in the world. It has permanent AWD, and a 6 speed semi manual gearbox along with comfy seating, and all the creature comforts one would expect in a German business wagon. That means it can blend in, and lurk among the regular boring cars of the world. If you took off the RS6 badges your nosy neighbor would have no idea that you were harboring a monster in your garage, but best of all the driver at the light next to you in his 911 would be just as oblivious. Until it changed to green and then he would be left sitting there dumbfounded at the sight of a wagon pulling further and further away while the kids in the back wave a gentle good-bye.


This car is extremely special, it’s a mix of all the greatest automotive assets in one, you get the power, you get the madness, but you also get refinement, capability and comfort. Yea, the gas mileage is awful, and depreciation has to be considered especially since now you can pick one up for $50k when it was almost $200k brand new, but none of that matters. Because what you get is a super car with a roof rack and seating for five, it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and that makes this Avant not only culturally or stylistically advanced but one of the best cars to be ever produced, and a perfect car to be my dream car on this chilly Friday. So next time you spot an Audi wagon rolling down the road give it a double take, because it just might be the fastest wagon in the world.