Greatness is what we all strive for in our lives, everyone wants to be great at something and car companies are no different. Manufacturing faster, stronger and more powerful cars the automotive world fights for accolades and awards that prove they are the top dog. We all seen the pick up truck commercials with a truck towing a giant boat and the deep voice announcer guy proclaiming the best in class towing, MPG, horsepower, etc, it happens throughout the industry. Ferrari and Lamborghini have been battling for top honors for years, Ford Mustang vs Chevy Camaro same thing, and such competitions will continue to happen in order to proclaim their greatness.  However, greatness isn’t always measured by horsepower and towing capacities, sometimes it’s measured by a different measuring stick, the responsible one.


Responsibility can be great, to be responsible is to be there when you are needed most, to be safe, to be dependable, and because of this I’m here to tell you how great the Honda Accord is. With responsibility in mind, it has quietly become one of the best cars in the world, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. People love the Accord, and this love isn’t a recent affair, far from it. For almost the last four decades the Accord has been one of the best selling cars in the world, and to this day the sales figures keep breaking records, proving that responsibility is a desirable commodity. You don’t have to think long, to think of someone you know who has one, and who adores it. A quick search through the classifieds reveals copious amounts of Accords with 200K plus on the clock, but being reliable and efficient isn’t the only thing the Accord is known for. It’s how it combines it all in a dynamic package that’s what makes it special. Car and Driver agrees, the Accord has been in their 10 Best list, a record 29 times, more than any other car. What makes this accomplishment that much more special is the company of cars that usually make this list. For example, the winners circle of 2014  included cars like the BMW M235 and Porsche Boxster, cars that cost twice as much, but Honda isn’t showing any signs of slowing down either, this year along side the coupe, sedan and hybrid, the Accord will be offered as a plug-in as well, offering a bit of something for everyone.


Sir Winston Churchill sums this up perfectly. He once declared that “The price of greatness is responsibility” meaning that to be great you don’t need to be the fastest or strongest you just need to fulfill your duties well and do so responsibly, and this is exactly what the Accord has done for the past 39 years. It’s immensely dependable, a hoot to drive and, a pretty thing to gaze upon. It is responsible. It is great!