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As most of you have already figured out I really have a special place in my heart for cars. This is especially true when it comes to super cars or hyper cars. You know those raging machines that make your heart race, your palms sweat, and your inner child giggle. Cars, like Lamborghinis new HuracanLP610-4 it’s a meeting place for outrageous figures. Engine V10, horsepower 610, 0-60mph 3.2 seconds, cost $250k. In addition, the looks match the insane figures, the car always looks angry. One look at it and you know, it belongs in detention because it spent all recess bullying the Prius. Colors compliment the madness an available, Verde Mantis 4-Layer [Green] as Lambo calls it, I call it grasshopper on speed green. The car just looks downright sinister, as it should. But, the numbers only tell half the story.

Ferruccio Lamborghini was born poor. His parents, grape farmers, could offer very little in financial support. That had little effect on young Ferruccio, at a young age he stated tinkering with farming equipment to make farming habbits for his parents a bit easier. At age 32 he founded Lamborghini Trattori, an agriculture company that began rolling out farming equipment, and in the short time his company became extremely successful. With success came fortune. This allowed him to purchase his very first Ferrari only 10 years later. The Ferrari 250GT, which now, is one of the most coveted automobiles by collectors. young Lamborghini though his was only satisfactory, nothing more. Although he loved the appearance of the car, he disliked the interior, calling it spartan and bare. He also, hated the poor clutch performance. So, on one of the many trips to the dealership to fix the faulty clutch he approached Enzo Ferrari and expressed his displeasure. Lamborghini had figured out a way to improve the longevity and performance of the clutch. Enzo, being the prideful Italian that he was dismissed Lamborghinis concerns. There is no way he was going to take any suggestions from a farmer and tractor builder. Lamborghini took that to heart. He left the Ferrari premises and vowed to never return again. What happened next was something incredible.


Three years later Lamborghini released its own car that was built, designed, and engineered solely by Lamborghini. It was named 350GTV; it was a wonderful and elegant machine. With luxurious, wood and leather trimmed interior, hidden headlamps, and buttery smooth 3.5L V12 it was an instant hit. Surprisingly Ferruccio wasn’t too fond of the car himself he said the styling was “unfinished” I respectfully disagree. The edges of the rear compliment the smooth lines of the front, and it all comes together in a wonderful unison.



Wasting no time, the second car came only three years later. The Mirua, however, this car was built and designed in secret by Lamborghini’s engineering team in their spare time, against the wishes of Ferruccio. Displeased with his teams work, he reluctantly agreed to show the car to the masses at the Turin auto show and it was a massive success. The rest, as they say is history. Many cars later, we come to latest “entry” model from Mr. Lamborghini’s stable.


The Huracan is the latest and greatest offering from Lamborghini. Along with the mind-blowing figures it offers a respectable ride and above average fuel economy (14-20 mpg) for a super car. It also has AWD as evident by the 4 in its name. It comes from a history of cars that have been produced out of spitefulness, and that mentality is imbedded into its DNA. So what you get is a machine that’s angry. A machine that’s always looking for a fight, and just like its late owner will never back down from a challenge, and with those credentials I declare it My Dream Car of the day.

2015 hurucan