I know this is far from an exciting car, calling it sporty or even remotely spirited would be a travesty. But, before you un-follow this blog close down Chrome and vow to never come here again, please hear me out.

The wagon came to us as an afterthought, an accidental pairing if you will. A family member asked if we could store the car in our backyard, we agreed. He dropped it off on a trailer and the burgundy/maroon car was imbedded right outside our home.  After sitting several months without use, we agreed to buy it. So, since I needed a car at the time, the Escort wagon became mine after a lump sum payment of $500. I was 17 at the time, so needless to say I wasn’t too excited to be the owner of a grocery getter with a few extra windows. But in the following months of living with the car, my feelings towards it were gradually changing, for the better.

Mind you, this wasn’t my first car. However, this is undoubtedly the very fist car that I thought of, when I sat down to write the very first My Car Monday entry. The car was a gem. It never pretended to be something it wasn’t. Even after all of my experimental attempts to make it “better”. Having an independent rear suspension and an electronically controlled 4 speed auto wasn’t enough for me. I wanted more! At the time I had two 15 inch Rockford subs that I acquired from my friend. He was in between cars and they were taking up space in his apartment, so he asked if he could store them in our shed.

Of course I said yes. Those eventually found their way into the Escort, one because they could fit easily in the massive trunk, and two because what 17 year old dude doesn’t need two 15 inch subs in their car, no matter what the car is. Once installed, my friends and I conducted an experiment; where we lifted the tailgate put the car in neutral and cranked the bass, every time it would hit the car would slowly inch forward. It was awesome. After that everyone always knew when I was coming or going, because of the overwhelming sound and at that time I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. My neighbors respectfully disagreed.  One of the many benefits of the Escort was having an ample amount of space for all your friends to join along on your shenanigans. On one occasion, with a packed car and taking on a twisty county road I’d direct everyone to lean the direction of the turn to gain better traction. This of course meant it was just like a World Rally Championship car. The Wagons skinny wheels, which, by the way were smaller than my speakers, and tiny tires made the Scort easy to navigate through the Maryland snow, and that meant I was never left stranded. The gas millage from the 1.9 inline four was superb, and it never, ever gave me any trouble. Just regular maintenance and 87 octane was all that it asked.  What it gave in return was so much more, great gas millage, plenty of room, tremendous dependability, outstanding value, and for one teenage kid lots of smiles year, after year, after year. After I was done with the car, my mom drove it for another 2 years, (without the subs) and she loved it just as much as me. We ending up selling the car several years later for $1,000, and missed it dearly ever since. Ford classifies this car as a compact car/wagon. I classify it as one of the best cars ever built.