The Pagani car company is old school Italian motoring at its finest.  In the hills of a small town about 16 miles northwest of Bologna, or a 20 minute car ride south of Modena is where it all begins.  The two story, glass walled, architectural masterpiece, that gives off the appearance of a fine art gallery, rather than an automotive plant, is where these machines come to life.

Before we begin, a bit of history, if I may.  Horacio Pagani, formerly worked for Lamborghini. He was responsible for such bonkers creations as the 25th Anniversary Countach, and the Lamborghini LM002 aka The Lambo Truck. Meaning this man was no stranger of bold, over the top, dream machines. Pagani knew how to evoke passion and how to master the art of fury and translate it into transportation. So, just like Lamborghini left the Ferrari factory in hopes to show Ferrari whose boss, Pagani did the same to Lamborghini. On much better terms, of course, but I’m sure there were fireworks nonetheless.

With all of that out of the way, let’s now focus on the actual car itself. The Pagani Zonda. The car debuted in 1999 and officially ended production in 2011. However, in true Italian fashion, there is a 2013 Revolución model, because why not that’s why.  This piece of machinery is what dreams are made of. If young boys still hung posters on their walls this would make sure they were covered from floor to ceiling.

This, folks is the last Italian supercar. Which, some will say is absurd, and quickly point to the before mentioned Ferrari and Lambo, and yes those are wonderful cars. However, Pagani is just that much more wonderful. Even though there have been 22 versions or variations of the Zonda, they are still one of the rarest cars on the road. For example my personal favorite the Roadster F has only been built 25 times, and it’s that sort of exclusivity that makes Pagani and Zonda the last Italian supercar. Its knowing that if you are driving a Pagani your driving one of the most rarest cars in the world, knowing that you wont see anything else like it on the road, its what makes this car worth the million dollar price tag. Of course if exclusivity is something that holds no value to you, no need to fret. Because the Zonda packs mind blowing numbers in its repertoire as well. The heart is a Mercedes-Benz AMG 7.3litre 12 cylinder V. The power is 650bhp. The torque is 780lbs.  Considering the fact that it’s all wrapped in a carbon fiber body that weights less than a Honda Civic, really puts in perspective of how insane this car is. For instance the Zonda has been in the top 15 tier of the fastest car around the Nürburgring for the last seven years, beating out Ferrari and Lamborghini. However, numbers tell half the story.

The Pegani Zonda is old school Italian. It’s loud, yet not obnoxious, fast, yet not violent, and most importantly its still exclusive enough to make it an fable creature that everyone longs for and only a few lucky ones get to call their own. For those very reasons, it is The Dream Car of today.