As much as I would love to sit here and randomly spit out thoughts and ramble on.  A method to this madness is a necessity . So I’m organizing this a bit, by doing a different topic according to the day of the week. Suggestions are welcome. So far this is what I’ve come up with.


Mondays suck. This fact, of course, is proven by science. So on these wonderful days of the week,  I’ll spill some secrets about one of my cars. I’ve owned many. Many of those cars were as dear to me as children, and just like offspring they all have unique stories. Once I run out of my personal cars to talk about I’ll move onto cars that I’ve had a personal experience with. This should subside the Monday blues a bit. Unless you hate the cars I’m talking about that particular Monday. In that case I hope your Monday is awful. JK of course, let’s just call this My Car Monday.


On this day I shall search the web for taco coupons and post those links in the blog. WE SHALL CALL IT TACO TUESDAY! Again, just a bit of humor, don’t get too excited. Since we are sticking with the letter moniker, trucks start with the same letter as Tuesday so this day shall be dedicated to those such vehicles. Big trucks, small trucks, heavy duty, medium duty, 18 wheelers, 12 wheelers, dually trucks, mega cabs… ok I think you get the point.


Hump day is one of my busiest day of the week. So I’ll be refraining from blogging on this day. I know, that some of you may be stunned and heart broken, and for that I apologize. Thank you for the support that you guys have shown thus far.



I am officially changing the name from Track Day Thursday to Random Thursday. To be more specific, this day will be dedicated to random car sightings, random cars that I want to talk about, or just randomly selecting a random topic about something random, but mostly cars.


Who doesn’t like Fridays? So why not talk about the best of the cars, appropriately, saving the best for last. Friday is so cool we will assign it a topic with a letter other than F. The Dream Car Day.  As Donny from gone in 60 seconds so eloquently put it when describing to the young blood why Eleanor is important to Memphis “you know the fable creature, a unicorn the horse with the horn” SO let’s dedicate this day to those Unicorns. They don’t have to be 6 figures atrocities, the just have to be important to you for any reason.

Let’s get this show on the road!